Speed of Light

Review by Nancy

Pierce Black was a troubled man. His wife and her brother are busy building a case against his employer, Paralight Industries. They supposedly embezzled millions into the Scarlet project. Millions meant for conventional airplanes, hovercrafts, etc. Scarlet – well, Scarlet was another thing entirely.

Pierce is set to fly the craft they named Stormlight in a few days. On their anniversary he and Catherine were hit broadside by a SUV and she was killed. Days after that event, Pierce and Stormlight take to the heavens to fly the speed of light. Something never done.

Pierce wakes up two and a half months after his flight in a mental hospital. Things have changed but he did it! He flew the speed of light and survived! Released to his own devices, he returns home to his son, Danny, who is severely handicapped. Danny can’t talk at all or do much else. But Pierce can now talk to Danny with his mind – and Danny responds!

That is the beginning but far from the end of this story. I wasn’t too enthused at first and thought I would have to “plod through the thing” to get the review done in time but things changed and I found myself taking it everywhere with me until I finished it. What a story! Bad guys, black shadowy guys, love, pain, death…you name it, it’s in here somewhere. Want to know the best part of all? This is Book 1.


Dana said…
I love it when a book ends up exceeding my expectations. This one sounds great.

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