Eyewall ... A book worth checking out

Review by Nancy

When you fly a Hurricane Hunter, somewhere deep in your soul you have a death wish. As do all of your crew. The crew flying with Maj. Arlen Walker had no idea what they would be flying into that day. No one did except one weather forecaster no one would listen to. Walker had gone to a carnival the day before and the palm-reader told him “This does not end well.” Maybe it was a trick, maybe she knew but she nailed it either way.

The Hurricane named Janet was only barely a category one, not worth the trouble except they had to go to the eye and see what they could see. While they were getting ready to fly, Alan Grant has just discovered his teenage daughter snuck out the night before. The weather on St. Simons Island, Georgia is getting a bit unsettled and now he has to go out and search for Sandy. Always in charge Alan makes a really bad decision. He leaves wife and son while he goes off in search of daughter. This does not allow them enough time.

While these two stories are melding together, you will be sitting on the edge of your sofa/chair/hammock. I had no idea the math of hurricanes and not sure I want to know now, but I do. This book tells it like it is and the hurricane in it was a real hurricane, just many years ago. Read up on Janet and why the name was retired. A great job of writing, teaching and scaring, Mr. Bernard. Congratulations!

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Holly said…
as a year round resident of St.Simons Island, this book scarred me half to death. Buzz captures the personality of the island and makes you feel the fear.

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