Too Hot to Touch is a nice tasty morsel to start off the Hot series!

Juliet “Jules” Cavanaugh is Danny Lunden’s good friend. Danny’s family own a restaurant. Jules has a crush on Danny’s brother, Max. Max can not be tied down to one place, so he packs up and travels all over the world. Years later, the Lunden family restaurant has been slowly losing business. They must find a way to make money and fast. Jules comes up with an idea to have the family enter a cooking competition. The competition has done wonders for past winners. There is just one catch. In order to ensure victory, they need Max. Max returns only to find Jules all grown up. Though, is there enough room for two cooks in the kitchen?

I am a fan of this author. So when I heard she was starting a new cooking novel series I could not wait. Too Hot to Touch is book one in the Hot series. Sadly there was something missing that I really like about Mrs. Edwards and her books and that was…cooking. I was disappointed as the whole theme of this book was that Max, his family and Jules were entering a cooking competition and it felt like there was not a lot of it going on. The story seemed like it was more focused towards Jules and Max hooking up. While, I must admit Jules and Max are good together, I would have liked to seen the witty banter between them last a little longer before they fell into bed. Dispute the lack of cooking, I still am a fan of Mrs. Edwards and will read the next book, Some Like It Hot as it features Danny. I can not wait to read his story. Too Hot to Touch is a nice tasty morsel to start off the Hot series!


Melissa said…
Okay that cover is hot. Nice chiseled body and he's cooking to boot...yeah loving it.

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