Mr. Connelly does it again

Mickey Haller works as a criminal defense attorney. Business has been slow for Mickey, since the shift in the economy has gone downhill. This does not mean that crime has decreased as there will always be people in need of a good attorney. It just means that people are utilizing public defenders more than usual. Because even Mickey needs to make some money, he has recently taken on helping people fight against the big banks, who are about to foreclose on their home.

Lisa Trammel is a client of Mickey’s. She has just been charged with murder. It does not look good for Lisa. She is being accused of murdering a man at the bank. The same man who was about to force Lisa out of her home. Mickey comes to her aid to defend her. There is just one problem…Mickey does not know if he believes Lisa is innocent.

The Fifth Witness is the fourth Mickey Haller novel. Mr. Connelly does it again. The only thing that I “witnessed” reading, The Fifth Witness was …brilliance! I swallowed this book whole and had read about half way through this book before I put it down and walked away from it for a moment. I like Mickey. He is smart, tactful, a people’s attorney and an all around good guy. Lisa was a surprise. A nice surprise. I thought Mickey and Lisa played well off each other. They helped build off each other. There was a good, steady pace throughout this book with a few twists along the way. I can not wait to read the nest Mickey Haller novel.


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