A Cowboy's Touch

Abigail Jones is a workaholic. This is why her mother demands that she go spend the summer with her Aunt Lucy in Moose Creek, Montana. Population…1, 923. The first thing that Abigail has on her mind when she gets there is Wi-Fi. To her devastation, her Aunt has no internet. Though she does inform Abigail that the main house has internet.

Wade Ryan and his daughter, Maddy live in the main house. So when, Maddy takes a liking to Abigail and asks her to be her nanny, Abigail takes her up on the offer. Wi-Fi, here Abigail comes.

A Cowboy’s Touch is book one in the Big Sky Romance series. My favorite person was Maddy. She was full of life and happiness. Plus she still had the innocent of a child that was endearing. Abigail was sweet as well. She was understanding with Maddy and was a good friend to her. The chemistry between Wade and Abigail was slow going. They don’t really make a move until about the last half of the book. Even than it is more on the mild side, which I would expect form this type of book. This book was a nice start to a new series.


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