I would go slow dancing again with author Lisa Dale.

When Thea and Jonathan divorced, the rumors started. In a small town like Price’s Pier, by the evening, everyone knew about Thea and Jonathan. Thea and Jonathan’s daughter, Irina is not handling her parent’s divorce so well. Another person that seems to have a grudge with Thea is Jonathan’s brother…Garret.

Fifteen years ago, Garret thought that he and Thea would end up together but instead she married Jonathan. Thea is trying to adjust to the single life again but it isn’t easy when everywhere she turns, Garret is there. Thea has a secret she hasn’t told Garret. How will he react when he learns what Thea has been hiding from him all these years?

I thought that this book had a charming quality to it. While I did like the characters, I must admit that it was predicable. Brothers hanging out with the new girl in town…brothers and the girl grow up…one brother falls for the girl…the other brother must have the girl first…the wrong brother ends up with the girl. I thought Garret was a jerk at first. The way he was mean to Thea. What I realized was Garret was really just vulnerable and scared. He acted out as a way to put his defenses when it came to Thea. Jonathan was too nice. I wanted him to have more of a backbone. Overall, though I did like this book. I would go slow dancing again with author Lisa Dale.


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