Ghellow Road

Review by Nancy (Fellow reviewer and friend)

Tera Waters had a hell of a childhood and in Ghellow Road we learn more about it than may really be good for us. It sure wasn’t good for her! Born to a schizophrenic mother and a father who didn’t really want to be there she grew up feeling unwanted, unloved and was basically both. Her brother had the sense to leave home when in his early teens but, Tera – well Tera hung in there, just like the loyal family dog. Not matter how bad you treat him, he always comes back.

That doesn’t sound too flattering and it isn’t meant to be but my heart broke everytime Rainy (Mom) went away for awhile to “rest”. I cried everytime Tera got schlepped off to a relative for whoknowshowlong. I cheered when she had the nerve to finally break away and make a life for herself with an aunt who loved her. Even though her mother really couldn’t help it and even though this was ‘way before current psych drugs doing their thing it was an absolutely horrid way to grow up.

Ghellow Road should be read. And possibly reread. Then go call your mom who you haven’t spoken to in awhile and tell her you love her. Call your children as well. Tera didn’t hear it enough and you need to help make up for that somehow.


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