Monster Story

Review by Nancy. Sorry no book cover.

Coming home for her grandmother’s funeral was something Christy MacCauley really didn’t want to do. She’d left a few years ago never intending to return. However, her gramma had been a good influence in Christy’s life and she felt she needed to say good-bye. She didn’t expect Gramma to leave her cabin, bank accounts and 30 acres of land to her! Her father wasn’t too thrilled as the land way ‘way to hell and gone out of town, all by its lonesome.

At the same time, hunters are being brutally murdered out by Misty Lake – pretty close to the cabin Christy just inherited. Also, in the fancier part of town Maria Fullard, widow of a judge is thinking it quite odd that someone had broken into the house and stolen things of Harold’s, nothing of hers. How does this all come together? Well, kids, hang onto your chairs because Monster Story will take you into really gory explanations of all of the above!

This book literally scared the bejesus out of me! It takes a lot to do that but McCarty Griffin managed – in spades. If you enjoy every-light-in the-house-on, come-up-behind-me-and-you’ll-get-popped, gasp-when-the-cat-jumps-on-the-bed books – this is the one for you. As some odd voiced guy used to say “You’ll be UP ALL NIGHT!” Seriously, this is one of the best horror stories I’ve had the pleasure to read and review. If you read the genre you’ll love it.


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