hard-hitting characters, a strong story line, and a craving for more!

Chris Massi grew up with a huge burden on his shoulders. His father was a Mafia assassin and his father-in-law was a legend in the Mafia world. Chris has tried his hardest to stay out of his father’s world. Chris became an attorney. Lately, Chris is wondering if he has sheltered his son, Matt enough from the Mafia world. Matt has been acting like a prince. As if Chris does not have enough on his plate with his son, his disbarment from law; Chris learns some new that will bring him back into a world that he wanted nothing to do with.

Michelle Mathias is a junkie. Her room mate was just murdered. When Chris comes into her life, Michelle thinks about cleaning up her life.

Sons and Princes is the latest novel from author, James LePore. If you have not read a book from Mr. LePore you are missing out. Chris was such a solid character. He had great depth. He was like the hero in this story. I was cheering for him to come up on top. I didn’t think Michelle was as strong as Chris but I still did like her. She did have strength, even when the odds were against her. This book was split into several different sections that really focused on the many, different characters and their story lines. I liked this. It really helped to draw me into the characters. Sons and Princes brings me back to what I love about Mr. LePore…hard-hitting characters, a strong story line, and a craving for more!


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