The Birthing House

Conrad Harrison had been on the road a long time. He was traveling back to Los Angeles. He took a wrong turn and decided to stop for some rest. While looking through the newspaper, he found his dream home.

Advertised in the paper was an ad for a 140 year old Victorian house, located in
Black Earth. Conrad met with the agent. The instant Conrad set foot in the house, he felt was like the house and him shared a connection like long lost lovers. The agent tells Conrad that the house used to be a birthing house. The reason for this is because a doctor used to live in the house and there was a lot of women who gave birth in the house. Conrad doesn't care and buys the house. Soon he, his wife, Joanna and their two dogs leave LA for their new life in Black Earth.

Joanna works as a sales/project manager for a company that deals with pharmaceutical companies. She travels a lot. Joanna gets called away. A change starts to come over Conrad. Leon Laski, the former owner brings Conrad over an old photo scrapbook. He tells him that it belongs to Conrad. Conrad opens the album to find to his much amazement and shock that the album contains photos of his wife but that can't be right as Joanna is not a hundred and four years old. He starts seeing and experiencing he comes home to find both of his dogs bloody and tore up. It is like the house is alive.

The Birthing House is Christopher Ransom's debut novel. I have to say that after reading this book that Mr. Ransom has great talent as a story teller. I like how as the storyline progressed, that the events and the change that took over Conrad, slowly built upon each event. As much as I enjoyed this, I was hoping for more...creep factor. Though as I was reading this book, it did remind me of The Amityville Horror. Conrad had a personality about him that made him interesting to me. I don't want to give anything away, so you will just have to read this book for yourself. The Birthing House is a one sit read.


Becky LeJeune said…
I am really looking forward to this one. He's from Colorado (where I live now) and coming for a book signing in August. I will be there, first in line with my copy!
Cheryl said…
Ooh I am jealous about the book signing. Wish I could make it
Dar said…
I'm glad to see you liked this one. I'll be reading it soon.
Mishel said…
I'm totally digging the cover! This sounds really good. Slightly a bit Amityville which is a turn off, but your review and summary pushed it up =) I'll have to pick up a copy.

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