The Bikini Diaries

Wendy Carnes's boss has sent her to Florida to check out the Emerald Shores Beach Resort. Her boss is thinking about investing in the resort. Wendy decides to bring a journal along with her on the trip.

While out on the beach, Wendy spots a tall, tan, beautiful woman wearing a skimpy white bikini. Wendy nickname's the mysterious woman "White Bikini Babe". Wendy is not immune to the fact that White Bikini Babe can capture any man's attention without every trying. Wendy wishes she was more like White Bikini Babe that she decides to get out of her comfort zone and become adventurous while in Florida by buying some sexy clothing and a bikini.

A handsome stranger whisks Wendy away from a party for a night of hot, steamy sex. Wendy later learns his name is Brandon. Now Brandon and Wendy are heating up the beach even after the sun goes down.

What better way to start out the summer right than to read The Bikini Diaries. Wendy shows that women can be empowering even while wearing a bikini. All you need is the right attitude, no matter what shape or size you are. Brandon is a bad boy with a capital "B". Brandon and Wendy were so hot together that if I were wearing glasses, they would have been steamed up the whole time. This book should come with a warning...dangerous curves ahead plus hot, steamy sex equals one scorching erotic adventure.

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