Book Review: Lost Boy


What to expect:

🏒Hockey Romance

🏒Accidental Pregnancy

🏒Brother’s Best Friend

🏒Forced Proximity 

🏒College Romance

🏒Emotional Read

I was four when my parents gave me my first pair of skates. By six, I was hooked on hockey and couldn’t get enough. At twelve, I had made a name for myself on the ice. And when I was fifteen, colleges were starting to take notice.

Life was great—until it wasn’t. Because when I was seventeen, my best friend died in my arms. And nothing made sense after that. Drinking turned to smoking. And smoking turned to pills. But no matter how high I got, I couldn’t erase that night. Or the guilt I felt.

Because that night had been my fault. And my friend was dead … because of me.

As my best friend’s baby sister, an actual angel sent from above, Aviana Thompson is forbidden fruit, and I should stay away from her. Because everything I touch turns to crap. But like all things I’m not supposed to do, chasing her is another temptation I’m not strong enough to avoid. But when I spiral down, hitting my lowest point, I know I can’t take her with me. Because innocent, sweet souls like her, they don’t belong at the bottom.

The trouble is, she refuses to let go of me. Even if it will ruin her.

Even if 
I will ruin her.

My Review

This is the first book I have read in this series. I didn't feel like I missed anything from not having read the prior books. That is how well the author wrote this book. The opening scene grabbed me. I already was feeling for Cade. 

Haley seemed a bit like a fish out of water being around her brother and his friends. However, she did warm up and fit in better as the story progressed. As far as Haley and Cade are concerned, I did not feel a strong spark between them. Not right away. It was a slow burn romance. 

In fact, I was kind of luke warm to their relationship until about the halfway mark. This is when for me the story really seemed to pick up. The emotions were growing strong here. I became invested in Haley and Cade. 


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