Book Review: Psychopathy


My sister is gone. The empire I reside over is balanced in a precarious position. And my life has never been my own. Until the night her eyes meet mine. Everyone in my world knows the story of the little orange haired beauty who mysteriously killed a renowned assassin and lost her voice for it. Everyone has underestimated her skill, her quiet brilliance, her cunning nature. Everyone except me. And now, I will make her mine. Whether she likes it or not.

My Review

I really dug this novella. It is so dark and sinfully good. The way that Maks claimed Aria! He barely had her in his grasp and he was already giving her his demands and telling her the things he was going to do to her. 

Let's just say that I could not get enough of Maks and Aria together. They were definitely heating up the pages of this novella. Loved the dark, twist that Ruby gave The Little Mermaid with Maks and Aria. I can't wait to read the next full length book. 


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