Book Review: Courier


Meet Bob, your local courier.
You've barely noticed him. You've barely even looked his way.
But he's noticed you. He's noticed everything about you.
He's been paying very close attention indeed.
And he likes what he sees...

My Review

The vibes of You by Caroline Kepnes are very strong in this novella. I was drawn into Bob point of view and his obsession with Natalie. Which, if you think about it is scary that we can go on living our lives and not be aware of who is watching us. 

Bob's fascination to get to know Natalie grew as the story progressed. I too was curious about Natalie. Who is she, what does she do, what is homelife like and who are her friends. This novella is told through Bob's POV. It was like I could hear Bob's voice in my head while reading this book. 

If you love psychological thrillers, you will not want to miss out on this book. 


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