Book Review: Silver Lies


Rare. Unique. Special. But most of all… wanted.

All words that describe blondes in Novum. All words that Ash despises almost as much as she hates her hair. An unknown virus ripped apart civilization and destroyed millions of lives, leaving few light-haired people in its wake. Years later, life has regressed back to primitive methods of survival in tiny towns like Cedar Hill in the country of Novum.

After being abandoned by her parents as a child, Ash was adopted by Nan and Pop. Found in the woods and left for dead they raised her as their own. She grew up fast, becoming a skilled hunter because it was the only way to survive after Pop died when she was fifteen. Now at nineteen years old, Ash does all she can to stay hidden, being one of the most sought-after people in the country. Survival depends on avoiding the king, with soldiers and bounty hunters always on the prowl it is no easy feat. Ash's craving for freedom and belonging is like a tangible force ripping her heart in different directions.

Diesel is the only friend she has ever known but the way he looks at her is anything but friendly. With stunning green eyes and dark hair, it would be hard not to take notice of the way she feels when he is around. Ash’s secret keeps them apart but when he finds out the truth—how far will Diesel go to protect her? Does he hold the key to everything she ever wanted or will deeply-rooted lies tear them apart?

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. It was the world building that really drew me into this book. Although Ash and Diesel's relationship was great well. Yes, he did come to her rescue a few times but that is not like Ash needed a protector. Yet, that is what great friends do is have each other's backs. 

Where Ash and Diesel's relationship comes into play, there is not a lot of romance. Honestly, I am fine with this. In fact, I am really starting to like these romantasy books. They are more focused on the story as a whole then the romance. 

Willa is a new author, but this book did not read like a debut novel. This is an honor as this book reads like it came from a seasoned author. I look forward to what Willa comes up with next. 


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