Book Review: Desire is a Dividend


Do couples who play together, stay together?Jade and Damian have reached a relationship milestone. The point where terms and conditions may apply.

The past few months have been easy breezy. But it's apparent to both, they are entering new couplehood territory, a place where life details are shared, dates are arranged, and social events are attended. Sharing a meal at a fancy restaurant turns into mutual partaking of more than menu selections, redefining their idea of dessert and pushing the couple even deeper into uncharted emotions.

While watching friends exchange vows, Jade and Damian push their limits even more, mingling with other guests who share their relationship philosophy. The morning after, Jade discovers Damian may have shared too much -- just not with her. When blurred lines turn into crossed wires, will the couple have what it takes to make it?

** DESIRE is the fourth in a five-book series of short stories and features MF/MMFFM. Each book contains explicit WhyChoose/WhyNot consensual sexual encounters.

My Review

Damian and Jade's relationship is evolving towards an exclusive one. They both just are not ready yet to admit it. However, they are very close to crossing that line. I know I am waiting on the edge of my seat for them to admit their true feelings. 

Until they both do so it is fun to see them in action with new encounters. The Halloween party. No children need attend! Very adult rated. There is no shortage of spice. This series is so hot that you may want to read wearing oven mitts!


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