Book Review: Bewitched by the Bear


Discover the power of true love in this spellbinding tale of magic and adventure.

All Amara wants is to live a life of adventure, without being tied down. With the dark fae relentlessly pursuing her, she needs a place to hide. Her gram’s cottage seems like the perfect spot, but the old witch’s words leave Amara unsettled -- What you seek is in Cutter’s Creek.

Alpha bear shifter Hale is determined to safeguard those closest to him. His life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with a captivating witch. Enchanted by her very presence, he’s unable to banish her from his thoughts.

As destiny ties them together, not even the dark fae will destroy their newfound happiness.

Uncover the magic in this fast-paced, insta-love story that’s sure to warm your heart.

Publisher’s Bewitched by the Bear is based on the previously published short story Ruby and the Bear. Bewitched has been expanded and is now twice the length of the original story, complete with a new ending and steamier scenes. No cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after!

My Review

This is a charming, funny, and spicy quickie read. The moment that Hale learned that Amara was his mate! I could feel the shift in the air. Then when he threw Amara over his shoulder and marched her to his house was funny. Yet, there was nothing funny about Hale claiming Amara. That was just pure hot! The VIP award goes to Amara's Grams, Myra. She is so witty. Love her so much. A definite matchmaker. After reading this book, I do want to check out other books by Jessica. 


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