Book Review: Phantom


Best-selling author Hazel Banks needs solace. She needs an escape from the memories that have plagued her since last Christmas, when everything went to complete shit. She finds that relief in a charming little home in Honeoye, New York. She plans to write and hide away from the world. And it’s a good plan, until she realizes something is wrong with the house she booked. Pierce Augustine is ex-CIA and has more demons than he can count.

 After researching the new tenant who has rented his family home, Pierce finds he has one more demon to add to the list. She has fiery hair and a darkness lurking in her eyes he can’t get enough of. Their two worlds collide in a whirlwind story of a passionate stalker obsessed, and a dark damsel seeking an outlet. It’ll go down in the books as the darkest December either of them have experienced. One that may haunt them both.

My Review

I have read just about every book from K.M. the progression, of her books is great. Although, this new book part of The Dark Corruption series is showing K.M. at the top of her game. This is the second book in this series. Each book can be read as its own standalone book. Yet, the theme of the books are very dark and stalker vibes. If you are looking to "ghost" your real life for a couple of hours, then you need to pick up a copy of this book!

I absolutely loved this book. Looking up places to rent that has a tall, dark, broodish ghost that can "stalk" me anytime. Pierce hovering over Hazel while she was sleeping. Gimmie more. Luckily, Pierce did not stay hidden too long from Hazel. That is when the "fun" really began, and the temperatures rose. 

I should not be surprised by Hazel and that she has a dark side. She is an author of dark romances after all. Yet, she still did surprise me by just how black her soul is. You go woman! She and Pierce are a match made in heaven/hell. 


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