Book Review: A Fair Trade


Groveton College.

The place where you only matter if you were born with a silver spoon In your mouth
Where the chance of getting a place was the same as winning the lottery
But the perks of having a new stepdad who works there meant that I got to finish out my degree with the elite.
And then I met him. My worst enemies’ married father.
I never meant to fall in love with him,
And I never meant to lie to him either.
He thinks I’m a teacher,
I just think I’m screwed.

This is a college romance with cheating, a large age-gap and explicit language that may not be for every reader. This book is for mature readers only. All characters are over 18. This is a standalone set in the Groveton College shared world; there is a happily ever after at the end of the book

My Review

With each new release in this series, it makes me want to enroll at Groveton College. The first meet between Stella and Quinn was hot. I could feel the chemistry between them, and it only kept getting hotter from there. 

While, it might have started out as Stella getting back at her archenemy, it turned into something so much more. The feelings that Stella and Quinn shared were real. It was not awkward, and I was cheering for them both. 


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