Book Tour Review: Summer On Dune Road


It should have been the best summer of their lives - unfortunately, life doesn’t always go according to plan.

Summer in the Hamptons should be filled with cocktails by the pool, bonfires on the beach, and sunset clam bakes. Instead, Nora, Megan, and Courtney are battling dreadful blind dates, duplicitous roommates, and blackmailing ex-boyfriends.

• Nora recently moved into her newly constructed dream home on Dune Road. She sold her company in a legendary eight-figure deal and now has unlimited time and money to spend however she chooses. But sadly, she’s alienated friends and family on her rise to the top and now finds herself all alone when things may be at their worst.

• Megan has let a dangerous situation spiral out of control and needs a chance to clear her head and regroup. Her plans for a post-graduation trip have fallen apart, and the closest thing she has to a family is inconveniently using the summer to relocate. So, when Megan gets a last-minute offer for a guest house in Westhampton Beach, she jumps at the chance, even though her hostess is a stranger, and it’s only a temporary solution to a persistent problem.

• Courtney just graduated from college and simultaneously lost the two things that defined her – collegiate basketball and her best friend turned boyfriend. She desperately needs a change of scenery to recover and mend her broken heart, which is why Courtney takes the leap when the opportunity to spend two months in the Hamptons falls in her lap, even though the classmate who invited her is barely more than an acquaintance.

When a series of disastrous events transpire, Nora, Megan, and Courtney band together and find solace in their unlikely friendship. While it’s a far cry from the respite they each imagined, this improbable trio may not be too late to enjoy an unforgettable summer on Dune Road.

My Review

This is the first book I have read by this author. I did like it and found it to be a fairly quick read. All three women come from different walks of life. Out of the three women, Nora was the one that took me the longest to form some sort of connection with. Regarding the other two, Megan and Courtney, I would say that Courtney is who I liked the best. 

Each woman had her unique charm about her that I did like. The alternating chapters was a smooth transition. I was able to get clear storylines and voices of each woman. This book is a feel-good read. It is one that you will want to pack in your summer bag to read. After reading this book, I do want to check out this author's other books. 


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