Book Review: A Life Unplanned


After years of loneliness, Sadie reaches a breaking point and calls off the engagement with her high school sweetheart. Now the life she had planned with Danny is shattered into pieces, but Sadie can’t go back, or she will drown in unhappiness. Hoping to feel complete again, Sadie throws herself into a life of uncertainty. During her annual trip to New York Comic Con, she unexpectedly meets a guy on the show floor.

Her instant connection with Theo only gets stronger as they spend the weekend geeking out together. But their potential future relationship is threatened after Sadie learns who Theo's father is. Determined not to let their baggage get in the way of what could be real love and true friendship, Sadie and Theo put their faith in each other.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book more than I expect to, which is always a great surprise. Theo and Sadie were so good together. They had a good "meet cute". Although, this book is more than a "rom-com." Not that there is anything wrong with rom-coms as I do enjoy them as well. I just did not want readers thinking this was a light and fluffy read. The story is rich with a good storyline and engaging characters that readers will embrace. 

The first half of the story really just seemed like Theo and Sadie getting to know each other very well on a personal level. Yet, there was nothing distasteful about it and in fact, I did not mind as they were so good together. However, the latter half of the book is where the story did change and got more "meatful" in the storyline. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and do look forward to reading another by this author. 


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