Book Review: The King (Risqué Fairy Tales Book 2)


Risqué Fairy Tales Book 2
A Cinderella Retelling

Cinderella (Cindy) Lovett:

Aiden “The King” Braswell blew into the parking lot like a bat out of hell. Hurling myself headlong into his backseat, I beg him to save me. Concerned, he questions why I’m running away. Having a sympathetic ear, I pour my Cinderella sob story out to him.

At the stroke of midnight, I get an apology text from the Uber driver. OMG! The man behind the wheel is not my ride! Panicking, I bale out, barefooted, and flee in fear.

But men like Aiden rule the underworld with ironclad control, and he wanted me.

With my high heels dangling from his fingers, my destiny is determined. I’m taken to his dungeon to pay a debt I didn’t incur. Then I’m coerced until I cave, forced to become his courtier, forced to service The King in all things.

I know Aiden has never been the Prince Charming type. But there is more to him than he is sharing. I catch glimpses of goodness hidden in the depth of The King’s scarred soul and that is the man I will willingly love.

I can see through the monster to him. I just don’t know how to save him from himself.


This shocking twist to the retelling of Cinderella is a Risqué Fairy Tale by bestselling author Jessika Klide.

My Review

I really enjoyed this modern-day Cinderella retelling. Poor Cindy, she sure got treated horribly by her stepsisters. Yet, Cindy still tried to give her stepsisters the benefit of the doubt that this time would be different. This is where Cindy's kind heart and naiveness came in. 

It was instalove for me where Aiden is concerned. I first felt protection he gave Cindy and then kindness and finally love. He is the type of guy that will have women fantasizing about him. If you wonder why Aiden is called "King", you can ask Cindy (wink, wink). I had such an enjoyable time reading this book that I want to check out book 1 and look forward to book three. 


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