Book Review: Blissful Perdition


They call us heretics. We call them corrupt.
Only it’s me who’s being corrupted now.

She’s an image of pure innocence, but I’ve always been able to see her soul… and it’s on fire. Only those flames are anything but holy, and they feel so good when they lick my skin. And hers tastes like every sin I’m not even supposed to know exists.

Our community is holy. We are raised as unyielding servants of God, and we must worship through prayer, purity, and pain. And I want Him in my soul, I want Him in my heart, I need his forgiveness and seek his salvation, because I fear her more than the prospect of punishment for my filthy sins.

Only God has been quiet, and Serafima’s heart is beating louder and louder for me.

My name is Vera Voight, and this is my journey to perdition.

Blissful Perdition is a beautiful Short Story between two women who grew up in a strict religious sect. If you like opposites-attract characters, forbidden love stories, and dark themes, then you’ll enjoy Vera and Serafima’s happy ending.

My Review

I really enjoyed this short FF story from author, Lilith Roman. When it comes to religious stories, I toe the line on them. I am selective to the types of these stories I will read. I am not a fan of the story if it is too religious. Yet, this was not the case with this story. 

Serafima and Vera's love was a sweet and beautiful one. There was not a lot of details provided about their intimate moments. However, the little details that were given, provided enough content for me to see how much in love Serafima and Vera truly were with one another. This story just made me wish it was longer and want to read more books by Lilith. 


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