Book Review: The Bad Ones


Shadows come from the mirror…

And then there are nightmares.

A month after Nora and her friend from the mirror, Jesse, defeated the doppelganger who haunts mirrors, life has returned to normal. For Nora.

A relic from a past era, thirteen-year-old Jesse has a difficult time adjusting to the twenty-first century.

Jesse fears the ghosts of souls, the Bad Ones, lurking in the reflections, are planning on seeping through the mirror and dragging him back.

Only when the voice of a friend from the past begs for his help from inside the mirror, Jesse has to choose between living in fear or facing the Bad Ones in the mirror once and for all.




Nothing is as it seems

My Review

I first read Fake Nora where Jesse was introduced. From there I was hooked. I had to know more about Jesse's story and requested that Jesse's story be written. I was not alone in my request and thus The Bad Ones was written.

I felt bad for Jesse having to learn to readjust to the "real" world after escaping the mirror one. Luckily, he had Nora there to help him along the way. Because I had become so invested in these two from the first book, it made this book a really easy and quick read. There are a few scary moments but nothing too frightening that the young readers can't handle. 

Author, Kelly did not disappoint with the follow up book. I grew even closer to Jesse. Fans of Fake Nora will enjoy this book. Just beware the mirrors!


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