Book Tour: Under the Heavens


Even the darkest secrets will come to light.

Bubbly social media star Hannah Monksman is captaining Seiiki and carrying the last of Earth’s whales to a new paradise planet. Viewers have been following Hannah’s journey, but what they don’t know is her true identity—Kim Teng who won her role as Caretaker with the help of underground operatives known as the Crusaders.

Kim forms a close bond with the whales in her care, and their mental Link allows conversation on the lonely spaceship. But when one of the whales, Adonai, begins acting strange, Kim begins to suspect that she is a pawn in a secret mission meant to ensure the whales never reach their destination. Or it may just be the isolation getting to her.

My Review

I do like reading sci fi books. As someone who is into technology, these types of books spark my interest. Thus, the reason I wanted to check out this book. Which I do have to say that I did like it but wished that I loved it more. 

Although, I knew that Kim had a different persona with Hannah, I was still a bit thrown off balance in the beginning with the change in names. Luckily, when Hannah was talking, the font was written in different text so you could delineate between the two personas. 

The story did seem to start out slowly but did pick up steam in the latter half of the story. I could see the story playing out in my head. Overall, I would give this author another chance.


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