Pretty Guilty Women


My Review

I was drawn to this book by the premise. I was looking forward to jumping into this book. In the beginning; I was into the moment. I was very curious as to why four women would so easily admit to murdering someone. This theme went on throughout the book.

It was the interviews that I found the most intriguing. After a while, I found my interest wavering. It was becoming harder to stick with this book but for a few chapters at a time. None of the women were that appealing to me. Therefore, I did not really care the motive or which woman was guilty.

You could say that I did find myself skimming parts of this book. This was only after I got to about fifty percent into the story and found it still going at a slow pace. The ending was fine. There were not enough intense moments for me.


Mystica said…
Thank you for an honest review.
Snega Bondato said…
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