Paper Chains

Accept a letter…
Hannah has been running—literally and figuratively—from her life back in Australia. Whenever she’s not working, she’s pounding London’s streets, putting the past behind her. Then she meets a fellow Australian named India, and Hannah’s entranced. For India is confident, exotic, and charming—qualities that Hannah feels she’s desperately lacking.
Pass it on…
India has a secret, too – one beyond any remedy. For it’s a secret that is currently sealed in a love letter and is making its journey across Europe in the most unconventional way—through the hands of strangers as they pass on the street.
And who knows where it will lead…
Before the letter with India’s deepest, darkest secret reaches its destination, can the women find the connection that will take each of them exactly where they need to go…

My Review

Do you want to know what "true love" is? It is Nicola Moriarty's newest book, Paper Chains. I absolutely fell in love with India & Hannah. These two women's story just tugged at my heartstrings and left a permanent scar in my heart. Ms. Moriarty pens a beautiful story of loss, love, friendship, and second chances.

India had a mystery about her. It was due to her letters. The little snippets throughout the book had me intrigued to learn her "secret". One that I could see why India wrote her letters. Than there is Hannah. The more I got to know her story; the more I felt for her as well. She was in between a rock and a hard place. So glad that she took her time to discover what was really important in her life.
Warning: Some tissues were used during the reading of this book .

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