Shadow King

Ambition. Betrayal. Revenge. Centuries ago, the Faerie Realm was decimated by a vile and corrupt spell. To survive, the different faerie races--led by the Fae--escaped to the Human Realm where they've lived ever since.

As the Fae Patriarch of Boston's criminal underworld, Aohdan Collins enjoys his playboy lifestyle while he works from the shadows to expand his growing empire, until one night when he shares a shot of whiskey with the lovely Seireadan Moore...

A Fae Seer, Seireadan is haunted by a vision of the Fae responsible for destroying Faerie and murdering her family. Common sense tells her to stay away from Aohdan, but his magnetism and charm are irresistible.As their passionate affair intensifies, Seireadan is pulled into the center of the underworld. And while her heart is bound to Aohdan, she cannot let go of her lifelong quest to hunt down the Fae who haunts her visions... especially when she realizes Aohdan might be the key to helping her find him.But is revenge worth betraying the one she loves?

My Review

This is the first book I have read by this author. I really enjoyed this story. I would have liked a little more of the "fantasy" aspect in regards to seeing Seireadan and Aohdan using their powers but I was not mad with the book. In fact, this was an very enjoyable, quick read. I finished this book in one day.

Seireadan and Aohdan made a good couple. Even though they had not went out on many dates before getting serious, I felt the chemistry. It was Aohdan that fell hard for Seireadan first. He may have been a powerful "mafia" type but he his heart can be broken.

Author, Susan Hamilton writes a wonderful storyline with engaging characters that will warm your heart. Whether you are a fan of fantasy or just great books in general, you will want to pick up a copy of this book.


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