Deep Water Blues

Inspired by a true story, artfully told by the author of Searching for Bobby Fischer A Bahamian island becomes a battleground for a savage private war.

Charismatic expat Bobby Little built his own funky version of paradise on the remote island of Rum Cay, a place where ambitious sport fishermen docked their yachts for fine French cuisine and crowded the bar to boast of big blue marlin catches while Bobby refilled their cognac on the house. Larger than life, Bobby was really the main attraction: a visionary entrepreneur, expert archer, reef surfer, bush pilot, master chef, seductive conversationalist.

But after tragedy shatters the tranquility of Bobby's marina, tourists stop visiting and simmering jealousies flare among island residents. And when a cruel, different kind of self-made entrepreneur challenges Bobby for control of the docks, all hell breaks loose. As the cobalt blue Bahamian waters run red with blood, the man who made Rum Cay his home will be lucky if he gets off the island alive . . .

When the Ebb Tide cruises four hundred miles southeast from Fort Lauderdale to Rum Cay, its captain finds the Bahamian island paradise he so fondly remembers drastically altered. Shoal covers the marina entrance, the beaches are deserted, and on shore there is a small cemetery with headstones overturned and bones sticking up through the sand. What happened to Bobby's paradise?

My Review

When I read the summary for this book, I was intrigued. However, when the book came and I was ready to pick it up, I had started to have doubts. Yet, it was apparent early on that I had nothing to fear. Mr. Waitzkin weaves a rich storyline with memorable characters that flows like poetry. This book is a nice escape from my normal reading.

While, I liked all of the characters in this book, it was Bobby that was the shining star of the book. He had this ease and chill vibe attitude about him that made you want to be his friend. In fact, he had a lot of friends. However, when the new guy in town comes and starts threating Bobby; Bobby does not back down. He makes a stand and fights.

This is a quick read. I instantly got a mental image of what Bobby looked like as well as the island and the other people. Like I said this book read kind of like poetry. I am so impressed with this book that I will be checking out more books from Mr. Waitzkin.

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Mystica said…
Hadn't heard of this book or author before. Thank you for the review.
Joseph Sciuto said…
Hi Cheryl:
I having heard of this author either, but after reading your review I will have to pick up one of his books. Happy you enjoyed it so much, Thank you.
Joseph Hannan said…
Cheryl, can I send you a copy of Fred's new novel, coming out in May? I think you will enjoy it as much as Deep Water Blues, if not more. Please email me ( and I will mail you a copy!

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