That's Not What Happened

It's been three years since the Virgil County High School Massacre. Three years since my best friend, Sarah, was killed in a bathroom stall during the mass shooting. Everyone knows Sarah's story--that she died proclaiming her faith.

But it's not true.

I know because I was with her when she died. I didn't say anything then, and people got hurt because of it. Now Sarah's parents are publishing a book about her, so this might be my last chance to set the record straight . . . but I'm not the only survivor with a story to tell about what did--and didn't--happen that day.

Except Sarah's martyrdom is important to a lot of people, people who don't take kindly to what I'm trying to do. And the more I learn, the less certain I am about what's right. I don't know what will be worse: the guilt of staying silent or the consequences of speaking up.

My Review

I really like the concept for this book. I do agree that the victim's stories do get lost in translation from the media coverage. The media does not cover the whole story. In fact, the media only really focuses on the carnage. There is not a lot known about the survivors or really what they experienced in those moments. So sad when you think about it that survivors are turned into heroes who we may never have known their names if no mass shooting had never happened.

Kellie and her friends are survivors. Her friend, Sarah was not so lucky. Yet, Kellie knows the truth about those last moments before Sarah was killed as she was in the bathroom with her. Sarah's parents are writing a book about their daughter. Kellie is about to graduate and she feels she might get the truth off her chest. Even, if it means that Sarah is not known as a martyr.

Again, I liked the concept for this book. What didn't work for me was the most important factor...characters. I could not grow any emotional attachment to any of the characters. I kind of felt like Kellie was trying to turn the truth into her moment. A part of me after learning the truth was like what was the point, it did not change anything. If I could have experienced that character attachment, then, I would have felt stronger about this book.


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