Deadly Sins

Private investigator Riley Sullivan is a woman on a mission - to find the missing wife of a man she once loved. To do so, she must come back to a city full of unfinished business and a life she left behind. Stuck between two men - the suspect and lead homicide detective - Riley is catapulted into an intense serial homicide investigation, a case like the sleepy Heights neighborhood of Little Rock has never seen. Needing assistance, Riley teams up with her friend Cooper Deagnan, a former Little Rock police detective turned private investigator. Riley and Cooper quickly realize this is no ordinary missing person's case.Riley finds as the body count rises, so does her suspicion of a man she once loved. Riley must battle her own emotional demons to untangle the web of lies created by the residents of Little Rock's most upscale neighborhood, find a serial killer, and keep herself from becoming the final victim.

My Review

I did like this book. It had a good storyline and the characters were good as well. Although, they just didn't grow that close to me as I wished. However, Private Investigator, Riley is cool and I did feel like she could hold her own as a main leading character. The romance between she and Detective Luke Morgan did bring a nice tough to the story. It was not overpowering that it took away from the case. The other guy in the story, Cooper is good as well. He and Riley as a professional relationship worked well together.

Despite, everything, I really did like this book. It is just a shame that I didn't like it more. Yet, underneath the layers there is a really good story here. Additionally, I might have experienced a lukewarm welcome with my first book from this author but there was enough good things about this book that I enjoyed that I would read another book by this author.


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