Ruin Me


She lives in a world of beauty.
His life is shrouded in darkness.
When they meet, she must choose between everything she has and the one thing she has always desired.

Lulu Sterling thinks she has it all figured out: with one more year left at NYU, she’s spending her summer interning at her mother’s iconic art gallery, determined to overcome the long shadow of her father’s suicide and prove herself to her critical mother. With her boyfriend, rising artist Brandt Penn, Lulu also hopes she will finally experience the love and desire that have always eluded her. But passion comes where she least expects it in the form of a brilliant, reclusive street artist known only by the tag GoST, and Lulu must decide how much she is willing to risk – and how far she is willing to go -- to claim it.

My Review

Lulu Sterling is finishing college. She is volunteering at her mom's upscale art gallery. Her boyfriend, is an artist. His name is Brandt Penn. However Lulu would rather be spending her summer back packing in Spain. Lulu goes outside for some fresh air. It is outside where she spots GoST for the first time. Yes, this is his name or I should say his tag name. He was hanging in the air by a harness and painting on the side of the building. He signs the painting with his tag, GoST. Since then all Lulu can think about is GoST. She finally gets another chance meetig with him to watch him in action.

I absolutely loved The Gin Lovers. So I was interested in what the author coud do with tne new genre "New Adult". This genre is like a guilty pleasure. While I did like the concept of the street art which is different from graffti, I just was not feeling the love for all of the characters in the book. In fact, I thought that the erotic type feel of the story was not my favorite. In fact, if this book had been more of a romance type story, it would have been better. I thought that Lulu's boyfriend, Brandt was a douche bag. I hated every time that she got with him. So there was no hard feelings when she got with GoST. Plus, GoST was a complex guy which made him interesting. Lulu was not as strong when standing side by side to GoST, however I did not hate her.


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