If I Can't Have You

I can remember reading bits and pieces about the Powell family on the internet. Just like everyone else, I was spellbound by this story. Hoping for a happy ending. Even though Susan was missing. I was praying for the two little boys, Charlie and Braden. It seemed like the boys were going to get their happy ending until that unthinkable act by their father took them away.

I am familiar with Mr. Olsen's work as an author. I can not imagine writing a book like this. I don't know how Ann Rule does it. I have read some of her books as well. This story is really sad. It goes to show you that we all have our secrets. You never know what people are hiding behind closed doors. It is very sad that Susan was so dedicated to her husband, despite all the signs that he exhibited in their marriage. If she could have found the greater strength to leave sooner, this story might have been different. Again, it is easy for me and others to say ...could have, should have, would have, when we are not in the situation. However the authorities were sloppy in the way that they handled the investigation. We have all these agencies that are supposed to help people and protect them and yet too many innocent lives are being lost every day. This needs to stop. I thought the authors did a good joint job of writing and telling Susan's story. They gave her a voice again. Although, this book was hard to read at times. Especially as the secrets and violence escalated. Ann Rule fans will like this book.


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