Inside Marine One: Flying the World's Most Amazing Helicopter

Col. Ray "Frenchy" L'Heureux is a really cool person. Not that I know him personally but I feel like I did get to know him in this book. I would want to hang out with him. This book gave the right mixture of the past with Col. Ray’s childhood and how he joined the military with the present and his job as a helicopter pilot for Marine One.

While Col. Ray does a good job of not getting into politics and where he stands, which I can only imagine would be tricky to maneuver around when you have a different boss every four years. I did notice clear differences in the Bush’s and Clinton, and Obama. The Bush’s seemed really friend…people person. Like when George W. Bush was at Camp David and he played volley ball with the staff or took Col. Ray on a long mountain bike ride. He seemed like just a regular person. Whereas, I did not get this feeling when I read about Clinton or Obama. They seemed to be more above the people. Also, I think some of this had to do with the fact they did not have any military experience so they did not know how to show respect. I liked getting this inside look into Marine One.


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