The Last Winter of Dani Lancing

Book Summary

Twenty years ago, college student Dani Lancing was kidnapped and brutally murdered. The killer was never found, and the case has long gone cold. Her parents, Patty and Jim, were utterly devastated, their marriage destroyed. While Jim fell apart, Patty was consumed by the unsolved case. She abandoned her journalism career and her marriage to spend every waking hour searching and plotting. She keeps contact with Tom, Dani's childhood sweetheart, who has become a detective intent on solving murders like Dani's. When he finds a lead that seems ironclad, he brings Patty in on it. After years of dead ends, her obsession is rekindled, and she will do anything for revenge, even become a killer herself-dragging her whole family into the nightmare once again, as lies and secrets are uncovered.

My review

I picked up a copy of this book because the book cover caught my eye. Then I read the back cover and was like ok I am ready to read this book. It sounds like something right up my alley that I enjoy. Well I have to tell you that I not only enjoyed it but the first word that came to my mind after reading it was "brillant". I don't usually rave about a book unless it is really, extra special. Mr. Viner really knows how to tell a good story. As much as I felt that Dani's mother was cold in the beginning, I still could understand why she did the things she did in the name of grief and love. In fact, as I got to become more familiar with her, I felt sorry for her. Dani's father on the other hand was just a hot mess. He could not keep himself together. However I found it intriguing that Dani's father was communicating with Dani. Finally there is Tom. He was one of the good guys. He showed how much he loved Dani with his actions. I took this book with me on the road. To my destination it was 3 1/2 hours to four and I finished this book with about an hour and 15 minutes until I got to my location. This book is a one seat read that will have you disappointed when it ends!


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