I chose this book to read as it sounded very promising and intriguing. However looks can be deceiving. While I did like the idea of the story, I found the characters dull and the story boring (lacking in any action). The story was all over the place without really any good explanation. For example, Eva is racing along in the cold wilderness as part of the testing and when she reaches the rest point one of her biggest competitors and suppose love interest, Jasper has already arrived. Eva wonders how he arrived before her as she never saw him once while she was racing hundreds of miles in the snow. Yet she drops it without a second thought. Really?! Then a mysterious man comes to Eva's aid but his identity is not revealed until later. Oh and there is the world that Eva is living in. It is suppose to be the new modern age in Finland but there is no concrete explanation as to why or how the people got there. The artifacts are to be a great discovery but Eva finds a picture of a ballerina and her body. Proving that the ballerina never made it to her destination and her love. Finally throw in the mix of the Bible and baby Jesus. This book is nothing like Game of Thrones or Hunger Games and should not be compared to either book. Ugh.


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