The Geek's Guide to Dating

If you are a geek in any form of the work either by appearance or at heart then you will enjoy this book. Even if you are not looking for someone. I am a geek in the form of a computer gamer. I have played some video games but my heart really belongs with computer games like Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Civilization, and World of Warcraft.


So as I was reading this book I could relate to references that the author was making on the different persona, how to approach and interact with your date, and what each type of geek can bring to the table with their special abilities.

For example me being a gamer:

Our strengths are:

Dedicated and loyal but we are also seekers of novelty. Because a computer game can get old quickly without our patches or expansions. We are constantly questing and leveling up, a competitive instinct that suits the thrill of the chase in the dating world.

Our weaknesses are:

We have a tendency to conflate girls IRL with our virtual damsels in distress. We need to learn to look at women like NPCs, they are quest givers and not just rewards. Or best yet think of them as playing on the same team against the rest of the world.


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