Escaping Home

Escaping Home is the third book in this series. I would not recommend jumping into this series without having read the first two books, Going Home and Surviving Home. Not reading these books in chronological order will have you missing the character development and close relationship to Jess, Sarge, Morgan, his family, and the others. I feel like this his a very important part of this series... the characters. Otherwise this is just another series about people trying to survive but the author makes this series more realistic then some that I have read.

I had a good time following Morgan, Jess, Sarge, and the rest of the characters. It I ever was stranded I would want to be with someone like Morgan. He could survive for a long time if his was the last person on Earth. I thought that the swearing was down in this book. Not that I was offended with any of the language. The ending was good.


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