Desmond Pucket Makes Monster Magic

Desmond Pucket has one goal and that is to go to Crabshell Pier and ride the amusement park ride "Mountain Full of Monsters". First Desmond has to survive junior high. Desmond is the school prankster. The principal, Mr. Needles knows Desmond on a personal note. Desmond's latest prank has earned him a three strike chance. He has three chances left to try and show he can be a model student or Desmond can forget about the Mountain Full of Monsters.

Ha-ha, Desmond reminds me of a mixture of Dennis the Menace and Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone. I am sure all of the teachers, especially Mr. Needles are counting down the days until Desmond either flunks school for good or graduates to high school.

All of his pranks were genius. I can say this as I was not a victim of any of them. My favorite pranks were the one when Desmond was helping with the AV Club as Phantom of the Opera and scared the whole class with the video of staring at the dot on the middle of the screen and then a scary image pops onto the screen. I passed along one of these email/videos to a couple co-workers and well lets say the results were...One screamed loudly (did I mention that at the time I worked in a call center), the second co-worker fell off her chair backwards, and the third co-worker was watching the video at home with her pregnant daughter who about gave birth early. My other favorite prank was Desmond's best one during the Drama Club's production of Merry-Go-Musical: A Circus of Songs! I am almost afraid to give this book to my nephews for fear that they will get many ideas from Desmond.


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