Poor Little Dead Girls

Sadie has gotten a dream come true. She has received a full paid scholarship to Keating. Keating has had some of the most important students attend the school including the President's children. When Sadie arrives, she realizes that she is an outsider. Luckily she has one friend at Keating. Her friend, Jessica. Sadie learns that Keating has a deep, dark secret. A secret society. Sadie has been recruited.

This book made me think of the movie "The Skulls" starring Paul Walker, R.I.P. Only this book was not as dark as the movie. This book is more of the PG to PG-13 version for the young adults. This targeted reader group will enjoy this book. I don't know if the author planned it this way but if she did then she did a good job. She make me not like any of the members of the secret society. I found them off putting and only caring about themselves. There really was no "sister or brotherhood" Unless you count that you become a drone and do not ask questions, then you are the perfect member to join in the secret society.

Sadie she was alright. I did not hate her but I did not love her either. I thought she was too wishy washy for me. She easily forgot her true friend, Jessica when her "new" friends showed interest in Sadie. Yet when Sadie was with her "new" friends, all she could think about was how she did not belong, yet she did not put up much of a fight to leave. Although, as much as I might not have liked the characters in this book, it was a quick read. I am interested in what the author does have in store for her next book.


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