One Fine Cowboy will make you want to kick up your cowboy boots and do the “Boot Scootin’ Boogie

Charlie Banks wants to go back to New Brunswick where she belongs…the city. Though first Charlie must survive Latigo Ranch in Wyoming. She is doing a grad paper on horse whispering. Charlie is almost to the ranch when her car breaks down. She is rescued by a tall, dark and sexy cowboy. His name is Nate Shawcross. It just so happens that Nate is the man Charlie was looking for. She heard he was the best horse whisper around. Unfortunately for Charlie, Nate wants nothing to do with helping her with her grad paper and no longer teaches seminars. Charlie is hanging out at the ranch until her vehicle is fixed. How long can a city girl make it in the country?

One Fine Cowboy is the latest novel from author, Joanne Kennedy. I am a fan of cowboys and so author Joanne and I are a good fit. I first got a taste of what Mrs. Kennedy had to offer with her first book, Cowboy Trouble, so I was expecting the same with this book. I was in for a big surprise, I absolutely loved this book more then the first one. Charlie fit in more into the ranch life then she knew. I thought she was spunky and full of personality. Unlike Nate, who was more of the strong silent type but I liked him. He had a caring heart. There were many laugh out moments, especially involving Charlie. I had a blast reading this book. Charlie and Nate were meant for each other. One Fine Cowboy will make you want to kick up your cowboy boots and do the “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” all the way to the bookstore for more!


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