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The Birth of an Assassin by Tony Bertot

Surprise, AZ - Sept 14, 2010 - In this prequel to The Heart of an Assassin, the reader will enter the world of Theo Gresco on a journey that led him into a life of crime and betrayal. His youth was stolen, his trust eroded and his destiny predicted a path of vengeance.

The Birth of an Assassin follows the life of a young man whose personal tragedies transform him from a carefree innocent boy into a cold hearted and deadly assassin. Also during this era, the rise of the Giordano and Costellino crime families is also followed.

The Heart of an Assassin tells the story of a man hired to take out the head of an organization and how a single solitary act propelled a crime family into becoming one of the most influential and innovative syndicates to exist. The Birth of an Assassin brings the reader to the beginning.

It delves into the life and mind of a person who can kill without regard or feeling for his intended victims or for the people that hire him.

Once again, the author captures the intensity in the life of an assassin challenging the reader's fleeting thought to put down this book.

About the book:

The Birth of an Assassin by Tony Bertot
ISBN: 978-1450535941

Publisher: CreateSpace

Date of publish: July 21, 2010

Pages: 348

S.R.P.: $19.99

About the author:

Tony Bertot, born in New York City, recently moved to Surprise, Arizona from Cheektowaga, New York. The Assassin trilogy is just the beginning as he intends to publish other stories he has already written. "The Heart of the Assassin and now The Birth of an Assassin, are my first published works. My third and last of the Assassin books is called The Legacy of the Assassin and should be released by early next year."

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