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Author Roger Wilson's latest paranormal action and adventure novel pits four heroes, struggling to re-find their identities, against the evils of Satan which have been released on humanity just as had been predicted by Christ in the ancient parchment found in a Himalayan cave in 1735.

Bayonne, NJ - Sept 16, 2010 - Novelist Roger Wilson today announced the release of Phantom Four, Children of the Grave. An exciting blend of horror, mystery, comedy and romance, Wilson's novel slowly unveils the amazingly powerful, but equally cursed powers of darkness four brothers suddenly find within their own souls.

In 1735 a Caucasian woman in her early forties uses a professor to translate the message she has found in a Himalayan cave. A prediction from Christ before the disciples started following him, His words name the arrival of Satan on Earth and the four dark warriors who will be born to protect the innocent through the use of the unimaginable powers of darkness they will be given to fight this evil.

Two and a half centuries later, in 1985, Damon Smith is driving like a madman to the Brookdale Hospital to get there before his wife Julia gives birth to quadruplets. When the four boys reach five years of age, they undergo a supernatural "accident" near their Brooklyn home, and twenty years later they emerge with no memory of their past or their family.

Slowly, as they fight to discover who they are, they discover they each have formidable, but cursed powers within their souls and they come to understand that they are the ones who have been chosen to defend New York City from the newly unleashed demons of Hell, just as Christ had predicted.

The paranormal lives and perilous adventures of these four warriors -- Rex, Kevin, Paul and Oscar -- have been being nourished in the minds of Roger Wilson and his brother Brian since they were eight and four years old. Their full story has now come to fruition in the exciting new adventure Phantom Four, Children of the Grave.

About the book:

Phantom Four, Children of the Grave by Roger Wilson

ISBN: 978-1-4327-6122-6

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Date of publish: Sept 13, 2010

Pages: 192

S.R.P.: $14.95

About the author
Roger Wilson is a first time author who has created and written fictional stories for many years and has an unbridled passion for his work. He is a son, a brother and an uncle of four. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he currently resides in Bayonne, New Jersey.

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