She is Beautiful Malice

A tragic accident involving Katherine’s younger sister rips Katherine’s family apart. Katherine can’t stand the guilt she feels. So she packs up and starts a brand new life for herself in a new city.

Katherine quickly makes new friends with Alice Parrie. Alice is the most popular girl in school. Alice is not shy and always speaks her mind, unlike Katherine. At first Katherine just kind of goes along with Alice but as more time passes, Katherine experiences Alice’s dark side and it is ugly. By this time Katherine is in so deep that Alice doesn’t want to let Katherine go.

Beautiful Malice is the debut novel from author, Rebecca James. Wow, this book was addicting like…candy. I felt that Katherine held her own with Alice. Alice was a very powerful character. I almost felt sorry for Alice but then she would do something that would have me despising her again. I like how the story would flashback to the tragedy involving Katherine’s sister a little at a time. It make the intensity levels higher. Beautiful Malice may be geared towards young adults but older adults will enjoy this book too. I can’t wait to se what Ms. James has in store next.


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