I can guarantee you that My Lost Daughter will not be lost as you will find a permanent

Lily Forrester is preparing for a really high profile case. Lily is a judge. Though, Lily is really busy, she is worried about her daughter, Shana. Shana is not attending her classes and avoiding her calls. Lily rushes to Shana’s aid. Shana is having a mental breakdown. Lily can’t stop what she is doing to watch and care for Shana, so she admits Shana to Whitehall, a psychiatric hospital.
While Lily is occupied with the trial case, Shana is in hell…literally. There is something not right with the doctors and nurses at Whitehall.

My Lost Daughter is the first book I have read by author, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg. I can now report that Nancy is going on my list of authors to read more books from. This book will get your adrenaline pumping. The moments where I found that I was most intrigued was when the storyline would focus on Shana and what was happening to her. The rest of the story was good but just not as interesting. The ending was a surprise to me. I did not see it coming. This is very rare as I read a lot of thrillers and am usually not surprised anymore. I can guarantee you that My Lost Daughter will not be lost as you will find a permanent place on your bookshelves for it!

NANCY TAYLOR ROSENBERG spent fourteen years in law enforcement, including affiliations with the Dallas Police Department, the New Mexico State Police, the Ventura Police, and the Ventura County Probation Department, where she was a superior court investigator. Her first novel, Mitigating Circumstances, quickly became a New York Times bestseller, as have Rosenberg’s subsequent novels, including Interest of Justice, First Offense, and Buried Evidence.


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