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It Writes Itself: A Travel Guide to Writing Fiction is an innovative how-to book on creative writing that helps writers enter into their fictional worlds so vividly, that writing becomes the act of listening, watching and writing down what happens. With easy to follow exercises which combine improv techniques and creative visualization, Raulino takes you on a creativity freeing trip that serves as the anchor to the very best writing you can produce.

Raulino shares twenty-one exercises designed to bolster your confidence and free your writing muse. The book is ideal for both inexperienced and seasoned writers. If you're hung up on writers' block, you'll find new ideas and solutions in this book.

The book's author Susannah Raulino is an accomplished screenwriter and active participant in the improv scene in Austin, TX.

Everything in the book is designed to help writers be totally involved in the creative process of writing.

"I wrote this book to share a process I created that has turned writing from a chore to a joy for me, and I have watched it work for my students. ... If you write, you are a writer, if you enjoy writing, you are a good writer!" says Raulino.

Taking materials from writing workshops she teaches, Raulino combined the very best exercises to give readers a true path to creating powerful, funny and moving works of fiction, whether it be novels, short stories, screenplays or poetry.

About the book:

It Writes Itself by Susannah Raulino

ISBN: 978-0615345703

Publisher: Susannah Raulino

Date of publish: May 12, 2010

Pages: 132

S.R.P.: $9.98

About the author:

Susannah Raulino is a screenwriter, filmmaker, and improviser living in Austin, TX.
She has written for over 20 years and her portfolio includes 17 screenplays and plays.

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