It is not a Sacrifice to read and enjoy a really impressive novel

Maliha Crayne was reborn into a vicious executioner. She was imprisoned to a demon by the name of Rabishu. She was his right hand woman for 300 hundred years. She was able to find a loophole and be set free. Ever since then, Maliha has been trying to right all the wrongs she did.

Someone has wiped out an entire village. The person or people behind this attack are dangerous. Only a weapon so massive and powerful could do something like this. Maliha will have her hands full. As if things weren’t already bad enough, someone wants to take her out. A group of immortal assassins are just a few steps behind Maliha with just one goal…eliminate Maliha. If Maliha wants any chance of living out her freedom and saving innocent lives, she just may have to make the ultimate sacrifice…surrender to the darkness once more.

Sacrifice is the second Mortal Path book. The first one is titled, Dark Time. I would recommend that you read these books in order to really get the most out of them. I read Dark Time and author, Dakota Banks became a instant classic with me. I have been wanting to read Sacrifice since I finished the first book.

I like Maliha. She is a very complex and intriguing character. I learn something new about her every time. Maliha is right up there on the list as one of the best ass kicking chicks. Maliha shows both sides of good and evil. Some times evil wins and other times good prevails. You could see Mrs. Banks love for both archaeology and paranormal in this book. My last words of wisdom to the readers is…It is not a Sacrifice to read and enjoy a really impressive novel.


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