The draws blood!

In the first book, The Strain, the human race was attacked by a weird parasite. The parasite caused an unusual effect on humans turning them into vampires. The first book ended with readers being introduced to the Master. The second book, The Fall continues right on from the first.

The Master is out roaming the world, trying to control the vampires and make more. It appears that there is no one that can stop the Master. Even the “Old” vampires are fighting with the “New” vampires.

Eph Goodweather is the head of the Centers for Disease Control. He along with Setrakian and a few other humans are slaying their way hoping to find a way to stop the Master. Eph is a bit distracted by his ex-wife, Kelly. She was turned into a vampire. Eph fears for his son, Zack, who Kelly wants to, turn him into a vampire. There is only one way to stop the Master…there is a book that describes the ancient ways and all about the history of the vampires. Whoever possesses the book holds great power.

The Fall is book two in the Strain trilogy. I read The Strain the first book last year and finished it in a matter of a few hours. I have to admit that it took me a few to get caught up to speed again regarding who everyone was and what parts they played in this story. Once I got everything straight, I was able to enjoy this book. What I most like about these books is that the vampires are smart but they also have a unique feature about them. They have like this sucker at the end of their tongues that the vampires lash out at humans and attach to their necks. This is how they drink the blood. All of the main characters are intriguing.

While I liked this book, it was missing some of the great sparkle from the first book. There was a few times where I was skimming over the pages. I found it moved a little slowly for me at times. Though, this book ended with unanswered questions that have me anxiously awaiting the last book to see how it all ends. If you like your vampires darker and edgier then Edward from Twilight then you will like this trilogy.


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