Liars' Paradox

They live in the shadows, Jack and Jill, feuding twins who can never stop running. From earliest memory they've been taught to hide, to hunt, to survive. Their prowess is outdone only by Clare, who has always been mentor first and mother second. She trained them in the art of espionage, tested their skills in weaponry, surveillance, and sabotage, and sharpened their minds with nerve-wracking psychological games. As they grew older they came to question her motives, her methods--and her sanity . . .

Now twenty-six years old, the twins are trying to lead normal lives. But when Clare's off-the-grid safehouse explodes and she goes missing, they're forced to believe the unthinkable: Their mother's paranoid delusions have been real all along. To find her, they'll need to set aside their differences; to survive, they'll have to draw on every skill she's trained them to use. A twisted trail leads from the CIA, to the KGB, to an underground network of global assassins where hunters become the hunted. Everyone, it seems, wants them dead--and, for one of the twins, it's a threat that's frighteningly familiar and dangerously close to home . . .

Filled with explosive action, suspense, and powerful human drama, Liars' Paradox is world-class intrigue at its finest.

My Review

It has been years since I have read a book from this author. I will admit that my first impression was not the greatest. Thus, I really did not have much interest in wanting to jump into reading another book. In fact, when I read the premise for this book it is what drew me to want to check it out. I forgot I had read a book from this author before.

I like the vibes of this book. Jack and Jill can kill. They are very skilled shooters. Although, they had a good mentor in Clare. The story started out with a bang. There is nothing like Jack busting through a door to retrieve Jill from her date over his shoulder. Once Jack and Jill get to their destination, they find themselves under fire. From there the story keeps up a good pacing. Yet, I will admit that while the flashbacks to the past was good as it helped to provide details about Jack and Jill and their relationship with Clare; I found it not as interesting as the present. After finishing this book, I will probably check out another book from this author sooner rather than later.

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