Crazy Cupid Love



 My Review
I picked up a copy of this book due to the premise. It sounded good and I was ready for a light hearted, funny read. Well the light hearted part was correct but the humor was missing.
Eliza is a klutz. I kind of felt bad for her. She had a lot to prove with her family history. Eliza tried her hardest to show she could be a good cupid even if at first she was resistant to the idea. Although, I could understand where she was coming from. Her mother was mean towards Eliza and had no faith in her.
In regards, to the love interest Jake; I thought he was alright. He at least tried to bring some humor to the story. Again, my major disappointment is the fact that I wanted humor and didn't get it. Additionally, the characters were "so, so". The storyline felt like it was lacking in substance. A nice idea that didn't fully execute all the way.
You can request a copy of this book to try for yourself on Netgalley until January 22.


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